Guide to Buying The Best Body Care for You

July 14, 2014

We use multiple substances on our skin daily.  We wash with a facial cleanser; we use soap, body wash, lotions, hair creams, moisturizers, perfumes, etc. All of these items are absorbed into our skin, hair, scalp and bodies.  We do this on a routine basis, often not realizing the content of the products we use.  We blindly trust the manufacturers and sellers of products and believe the items will make our skin feel smoother, our hair more luxurious and an overall enhancement of our beauty.  We are bombarded multiple times each day with what is the best hair care, facial care, body care, etc.  How do we know what is best for us?  We often let the price tag or a name brand determine which selection we will make.

The selection is often overwhellming,


The body care choices are usually overwhelming. However, the ingredients are often harmful.

You’ve heard the saying, “we are what we eat”.  The same can be said for what we put on our bodies.  We absorb into our bodies what we use on our skin.  Our senses are a guide for how we internalize substances.  Our bodies have a reaction when we encounter smells.  Things that are fragrant make us relaxed and feel good.  Strong smells that are toxic make us feel sick.  We experience similar reactions when we taste.  Foods that are delicious provide us with a satisfied feeling.  Foods that are bland, sour or spoiled our bodies reject. The same goes for touch, things that are smooth such as oils and softening creams uplift us as they are massaged into our skin.  Cold, hard and abrasive items on our skin create a different reaction that we often find unfavorable. Fragrant perfumes, appetizing foods and soothing oils may all make us feel great on one level, but are we paying attention to the contents in a way that assures that they are good for us?

It is hard to escape buying all of these types of products since there is an overabundance in our consumer market.  And, most of us don’t have the time or energy to make our own.  We at Essentially Mint have put together this practical guide for you to consider when purchasing body care products. We don’t proclaim it to be the gospel, just something for you to ponder before you put those usual items in your basket.  It is an invitation for you to inquire about how to be more selective in what you absorb into your body.    


4 Questions to Ask Before Purchasing

  • Can I read the label?
  • Can I pronounce the contents in the product?
  • Do I have an understanding of what the contents are and the impact they will have on my body?
  • Are there additives or preservatives?  I know they add life to the product, but what do they do to me?

Oftentimes products have scientific names with multiple syllables that are not only hard to pronounce but are unknown to us what they mean.  


In Conclusion, Buy What is Best for You! 

Take a little time to research about natural ingredients that do not have preservatives or additives that are not good for you.  We have so many natural products available to us.  We just need to take some time to do our homework and look to see what has the elements best for me to promote myself- body, mind and spirit.  Taking additional time to research may reveal valuable information that could prove beneficial to your balance and well-being.


Remember, our skin is a living organism just like any other major part of our body.  It means taking care of more than just our face. Stay tuned as we share more information caring for our hands, feet, elbows, cuticles, nails and other parts of our body.