About Us

Thank you for visiting! Essentially Mint was founded in 2014 by the mother daughter team of Celia and Kathryn Jackson in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It started out as an interest to learn how to make natural body care products that would not be harmful to our skin. They were personally searching for ways to treat their skin and bodies without synthetic ingredients, they began experimenting and experienced the soothing and refreshing elements of peppermint, spearmint, lavender and other herbs in the mint family. In learning of all of the benefits of mint, The idea of Essentially Mint was formed. Kathryn and Celia began selling their products at local farmers markets in the state of Wisconsin. They received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback. They then launched an Etsy shop and website, which have both received outstanding reviews from customers all over the United Sates. All Essentially Mint products are hand made in small batches in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. All Essentially Mint products are natural, plant based, cruelty and toxic free.