"Essentially Mint peppermint body butter leaves my skin feeling invigorated and moisturized with a sun kissed glow. It is also good for smoothing the edges of my natural hair. It's my all purpose, "go-to" moisturizer." -Ebony F. 


"I used the bath salts as a foot soak a couple times, and it was WONDERFUL!!!!! I never thought about how mint infused products would be so refreshing. My favorite is the lip balm. Unlike other products, this never leaves my lips feeling chapped once the product wears off. My lips have been kissably smooth since I made this product part of my daily routine. The scrub is really good too. After use it refreshes the senses, leaving me feeling more relaxed. This is such a great line of products!!!!"-Shatin G. 


"The peppermint sugar scrub was so refreshing and left my skin silky soft." -Mary J. 


"The sugar scrub is really great for rough areas on the body and the body butter helps with giving moisture and is so very soothing." -Ostassia J. 


"I've been using the body butter on my feet every night for the past several weeks. It is amazing how smooth and soft my feet now feel. I'm on my feet a lot and have tried so many products to help soften them but nothing has worked quite as well as the Essentially Mint body butter. " -Nicole A.