September 10, 2014









Life can be busy, very busy. It seems in today's society we are always on the move at a pace of a million miles per hour. The overwhelm of technology that is suppose to make our lives less complex often does the exact opposite and forces us to become what? You've got it more busy! Now we aren't saying that being busy is necessarily a bad thing. Let's be honest no one wants to be bored to tears. However, when busy causes us to neglect the most important person. (ourselves) then we are truly entering the danger zone. 


At Essentially Mint #myinvestmint is our mission. It is our mission and purpose to promote and support you in putting yourself first. Our decision to create an entire natural body care line that uses mint was very intentional. Mint is a natural herb that has soothing properties which promote both rejuvenation and relaxation. We want to help change your daily body care routine from something you rush through to time spent everyday to invest in YOU.


While we love to create natural body care products our #myinvestmint campaign will extend beyond our line of body products and the herb mint. Through our weekly newsletter and social media channels we will share resources, tools and tips that will assist on your journey of investing in you. To sign up for our newsletter please enter your email on the bottom of our website. 


To Your Investmint

Celia & Kathryn!